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Very often we feel tense and irritable. Sometimes we know the reasons (like PMS) and sometimes we can’t really identify the reasons amongst the thousand little daily stresses. That’s where herbs can come in handy. Unlike tranquilizers, herbs that work to relax nervous tension also counter stress by reviving and toning the central nervous system.

The two finest treatments are skullcap glowering top (Scutellaria lateriflora), which is suitable for a wide range of nervous complaints and valerian root (valeriana officinalis), which is suitable for nervous spasms and tremors, phobias, insomnia and restlessness. Fortunately they work well together. You can take an infusion individually or in combination. Take 1 cup infusion up to three times a day or half a cup every three hours in times of great stress, but not for long periods of time. A standard infusion of borage leaves (borago officinalis) is a restorative tonic to the adrenal glands, which help the body to cope with stress.

After a hectic day, try drinking a tea of ginseng, linden blossom (tilia cordata) or lavender (lavandula) to calm and tone the nervous system.

Linden and lavender combine well to combat nervous exhaustion, while lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) relieves tension and stressful states with a mild antidepressant action. It combines well with lavender flowers and linden blossom. Take a cup of mixed teas morning, evening and when required.

For relaxants, try chamomile, which can be drunk as desired and cowslip (primula veris) which is a relaxing sedative for stress related tension. Make an infusion of the petals and drink 1 cup 3 times a day. It can be combined with linden blossom or skullcap.

To ease tension, a standard infusion of St. John’s Wort (hypericum perforatum) has pain reducing and sedative properties, making it useful for anxiety-related conditions, unless there is also depression.

Rosemary on the other hand is a stimulant to the nervous system and is sometimes considered useful for treating psychological tension which is causing depression.

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