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    Taking Care of Your Combination Skin

    Keeping combination skin looking its best can be a real challenge. Knowing the characteristics and needs of your skin will help you treat, protect and keep it healthy. Cleanse to strike a balance between hydrating and oil control: use a gentle beauty bar for your face and hands and a moisturizing or nourishing body wash for your body.Exfoliate 2-3 times weekly, focusing on T-zone area (forehead, nose, chin) with a gentle scrub.Mask each week, apply a deep cleansing mask to the T-zone and a hydrating mask to the cheeks, neck and jaw line.An alcohol-free toner will hydrate the skin – apply twice daily.Moisturize using a lotion or emulsion during the…

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    Golden Makeup for a Glamourous Look !

    Gold works well in winter as well as in summer though you must be really careful how you use it.Gold can be used on eyelids, cheeks as well as lips. I suggest you don’t use gold mascara as it just makes eyelashes look non-existent. For eyes, just apply a thin layer of gold eyeshadow across the eyelid. If you’re going to do this, it’s best to avoid black eyeliner, as the contrast can look quite tacky. To use gold on your cheeks, just apply some gold cream (available in some beauty shops in Egypt) to your cheeks (they should already have blush on them). Remember though that the gold cream…

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    How To Widen Your Eye With Eyeliner

    If your eyes are not so wide, or are medium in size, choosing the right eyeliner color and how to apply it could up your game. Eyeliner can suit everyone, it just depends on how you use it. If your eyes are not very wide, then the secret is not to use too much eyeliner on the top eyelid. There are a couple of other tricks, if you do want to use eyeliner, that will make your eyes look wider, if that’s what you want: Apply white eyeliner under your eyes and if white eyeliner is not available, you can always use white or cream eyeshadow. The other thing to…

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    French Chic Makeup

    I usually do not put a lot of make up or in other words I like make up that is nice, simple and natural. I usually buy so much make up, eye shadows, blush, lipsticks etc… that I do not really use that much.  I somehow believe that beauty is not in standing out colors, that say “I am here!”. So how I can wear and what to use and what not to use if I like my make up to be simple, delicate and natural? Fashion this season is fiercely feminine, and so are the new trends in makeup. For some sexy and sophisticated evening effects, check out these ideas…

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    Do we need a skin care routine?

    The internet has been buzzing lately with hundreds of video of celebrities (and non celebrities) skin care routines. It can consume anywhere between 5 and 25 minutes of your time, and incurs the use of soaps, lotions, serum, exfoliants, moisturizers…etc. So you need to invest both time and money to protect your skin from aging? Is there there another way to have a fresh complexion? Eat well Maintaining a healthy looking skin comes mostly from the inside. You have to ensure the intake of daily essential nutrients to stay healthy and have a healthy skin. Vitamin A,D, E, iron, iodine, magnesium, potassium …etc. are a few of the micronutrients that…