Herbs for your Headaches

We all suffer from headaches and we know they can be the most debilitating thing. Sometimes it’s hard to know what causes the headaches and we just pop pills to solve the problem temporarily. Well instead of filling your body with pills, why not try to take some herbs to soothe the pain?

Herbs may bring relief though they will not remove the cause. 

Feverfew leaf (tanacetum parthenium) has justifiably become the primary remedy for migraine. A small to medium fresh or frozen leaf eaten between slices of bread three times a day has been found to reduce the intensity or frequency of migraines. Its action is cumulative and can take up to six months to show results. Do not take during pregnancy as it can stimulate the uterus. Alternatively take half a cup of leaf tea twice a day to reduce the pain of migraine.

Lavender (lavandula) is useful for stress-related headaches and combines well with valerian (valeriana officinalis). Drink an infusion of lavender flowers three times a day. A standard infusion of valerian is useful in tension headaches, and it combines well with skullcap (scutellaria lateriflora).

Try these herbs and see what they do for you. You can write back and tell us what you thought. Sometimes the pain is too much and you need to take a pill once in a while, but at least you have an alternative.

Photo by Nadi Lindsay from Pexels

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