Married in Business

by Jack & Elaine Wyman

A book designed not to give you solutions but ideas and a set of rules and examples of how others have done it. This book is divided into two main sections. The first is the base and substance of the book, and the second a series of samples and situations.

I was disappointed that the first part was so short. It contains only two chapters of ten or eleven pages each even though the information is very useful for couples thinking of starting a business together. At first I found the second part boring because it was stories of different couples and how they made it married in business. The majority were not of my liking, so I dropped the book and didn’t pick it up for months.

One day when my wife and I had the overwhelming need to do something together, I picked up the book again and saw it in a new light.

Looking again at the book I realized what the purpose of the stories was and that was to empathize with real examples. Viewed like this, I breezed through the book getting the valuable information from each experience and looking closely at the experiences that couples had in business that interested my wife and I.

The book is a valuable tool if you are seriously planning to go in business with your other half, or you already have a business and your other half is going to join in. The tips in this book, recollected by the authors in the first part and exemplified by the particular stories in the second part, will help you and your partner cope with the changes, adversities, and individual growth that both of you will encounter.

I found it a little disappointing that the authors compiled experiences from people that are very old, and not of younger people. I guess that their measure of success for “married in business” is not measured by making money together but by staying all your life married in business together!

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