Hair loss! A common problem?

We have had a flood of questions this week regarding hair loss. Before I say anything, I want to tell you all not to panic. Hair loss is very common! Most people only associate hair loss with men, and they fail to recognize that as many as 2 out of 3 women will suffer from hair loss at some point in their life.

Hair loss is a common issue that affects both men and women. There are various causes of hair loss, including genetics, hormonal changes, stress, and poor nutrition. While hair loss can be distressing, it’s important to know that there are ways to prevent and treat it.

A number of things can cause hair loss:

First and foremost, improper care of your hair can cause hair loss. If you wear ponytails or plats or use tight hair rollers, the pull on your hair can cause a type of hair loss called traction alopecia. If the pulling is stopped before scarring of the scalp develops, your hair will grow back normally

Hormonal problems may also cause hair loss. If your thyroid gland is overactive or underactive, your hair may fall out. Thyroid disease treatment can usually help with this hair loss. Male and female hormones, known as androgens and oestrogens, can cause hair loss if they are out of balance. Correcting the hormone imbalance may end your hair loss.

The most common cause of hair loss is genetics. Androgenetic alopecia, also known as male or female pattern baldness, is a hereditary condition that affects many people. This type of hair loss is caused by a combination of genetics and hormones.

Stress can cause hair loss in several ways, including causing the hair growth cycle to slow down and leading to hair thinning. Stress can also cause telogen effluvium, which is a type of hair loss that occurs when the hair growth cycle is disrupted by stress.

A poor diet can lead to hair loss. Nutritional deficiencies, such as a lack of iron, biotin, or zinc, can cause hair thinning or hair loss.

What I would say is you must treat your hair with care! Avoid using harsh products on it. Perhaps try changing shampoo brands. Put your hair on a healthy diet. If that doesn’t work and you feel that your hair is still falling out, go see a doctor.

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