Women Drivers

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing the expression “women drivers”. I am.

The term “woman driver” is typically used as part of a negative stereotype of female driving skills. It is difficult to say that women are better drivers than men or vice-versa. There are simply good drivers and bad drivers. I believe that it comes from a person’s attitude towards driving and not their gender. What does come to mind however, is men’s attitudes to women’s driving. I feel that women are under such pressure when they are behind the wheel due to the negative attitude men have towards their driving. Take parking for example. If a woman squeezes into an awkward parking space with some difficulty, you would hear “typical woman!”. If a man were trying to get into the same parking space, you would hear “oh well, that was a tough parking space to get into anyway”. It’s always the same thing; women have to try twice as hard to prove themselves, especially in a male dominated society like ours.

As I was searching and asking around for people’s views on women’s driving, I came across an opinion on the Internet (women’s driving discussion board) which I found hilarious. I chose to find it hilarious (in a pathetic sort of way) as opposed to deeply offensive: “Women safer than men? Utterly preposterous. Women will never make good drivers because they lack spatial awareness. Since prehistoric times men have been genetically programmed to be aware of their surroundings whilst moving at speed. Failure to do so would mean being eaten by saber-toothed tigers or the like. This is what makes them superior behind the wheel. Women on the other hand are much more comfortable at home in the cave, keeping the fire going. Having women on the road simply leads to more accidents as they are so unpredictable…”

Photo by Mariana Plozner from Pexels

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