How To Widen Your Eye With Eyeliner

If your eyes are not so wide, or are medium in size, choosing the right eyeliner color and how to apply it could up your game.

Eyeliner can suit everyone, it just depends on how you use it. If your eyes are not very wide, then the secret is not to use too much eyeliner on the top eyelid. There are a couple of other tricks, if you do want to use eyeliner, that will make your eyes look wider, if that’s what you want: Apply white eyeliner under your eyes and if white eyeliner is not available, you can always use white or cream eyeshadow.

The other thing to do is to smudge your eyeliner. Whether you are applying eyeliner to the top lid or under your eyes, try not to make a hard line. Use brown eyeliner instead of black (pencil is better than liquid for achieving this effect) and then smudge it a little. Using brown instead of black will also complement your brown eyes and skin tone.

As a last touch, for a stronger evening effect, apply black eyeliner inside the eye. Most people think that that would make the eye look smaller, but it doesn’t. It’s how you apply make up around the eye, not in the eye that could make eyes look smaller.

Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels

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