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When it comes to prescription eyewear purchasing decisions, statistics show that women most often make the final choice for themselves, their spouses and their families. Therefore, they are typically the most savvy eyeglass frame shoppers.

For women themselves, there are a host of choices on the market today. Many collections of eyeglasses are targeted specifically to women. These are appealing to their fashion, color, and price-conscious senses. And taking a sharp turn from the “unisex” trend that was popular in previous years, many eyeglass frames for women are distinctly feminine in shape, style and coloring.

The Top Five Trends in Women’s Eyeglasses

  1. Feminine eyewear shapes such as cat-eyes, glamorous larger sizes, ovals with emphasized detailing at the sides, and light rimless glasses with lenses cut in soft shapes.
  2.  Soft, feminine colors such as pastels and light earth tones.
  3.  Shaped, detailed and embellished temples that make a typical eyeglass frame front more feminine and/or glamorous.
  4.  Rhinestones! This special detail from the 1970s is making its comeback as a unique accent on eyeglass frame fronts, temples and even on lenses again.
  5. Plastics. For the more progressive woman, plastic frames in all colors and shapes are very popular now. In some eyeglass frames, many layers of plastics are laminated together to create unique colors (e.g., a clear crystal color combined with a burgundy softens the dominant color for a wearable style

Photo by Igor Korzh from Pexels

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