Weight loss, back to basics

Science has long proven that being lighter (BMI between 18.5 and 24.9) is how human bodies were meant to function in an optimal way.

Weight loss seems to be on the top of wish lists for many people around the globe which make it a multibillion dollar business.

But do we have to be rich to be thin?

We’ve been confused and dispersed lately between all the latest theories about weight loss: from caloric density (voluminous food that packs less calories), to low carb and low fat diets (putting certain foods off limit), to intermittent fasting, to calorie trackers…etc. Coming across each method brings us to think that we found the Holy Grail and that this time it’s going to work.

Losing weight is a mindset

Pursuing these diets and restrictions leads to a broken relationship with food and an infernal vicious circle of weight loss over compensated by weight gain.

Let’s make weight loss simple again

  • Keep enjoying the foods that you like: start reducing the portions ever so slightly. Eat slowly and stop eating a bit before you feel full.
  • Forget about the scale and start changing your eating habits: Focus on one small change at a time and will start to feel your clothes fitting more comfortably. You will also enjoy feeling lighter and more energized. Try to listen to your fullness cues and avoid all feelings of guilt when having a treat.
  • Find new hobbies: One of the main reasons for overeating is boredom. Find new interests and passions in life, things that would keep you engaged and busy: Knitting, volunteering, helping family and friends, getting a second job… Act fast as soon as you have the munchies but recognize that you’re not hungry. Start taking small walks and you will start enjoying them. Moving our bodies keeps our brains oxygenated and fends off depression and anxiety.

Fix your relationship with food

You will gradually see food not being at the full front of your existence, monopolizing your thoughts. You’ll be comforted by the idea of being able to eat what you enjoy in moderation.

You too can be like those thin people who seem to eat everything they want and stay thin; they enjoy their meals and feel satisfied with a small portion of rich decadent recipes.

Remember that change takes times and don’t be disappointed by the length of time to reach your goal, it will be well worth it.

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