French Chic Makeup

I usually do not put a lot of make up or in other words I like make up that is nice, simple and natural. I usually buy so much make up, eye shadows, blush, lipsticks etc… that I do not really use that much. 

I somehow believe that beauty is not in standing out colors, that say “I am here!”. So how I can wear and what to use and what not to use if I like my make up to be simple, delicate and natural?

Fashion this season is fiercely feminine, and so are the new trends in makeup. For some sexy and sophisticated evening effects, check out these ideas for lips, cheeks, and eyes:

A fresh, rosy glow  is the perfect look for daytime or if you’re in a rush. Blend a cream blush onto the apples of your cheeks, and to keep the focus on your flush, make lips and lids low-key.

Bold, slightly matte, ruby red lips are making a huge comeback. For this bewitching mouth, carefully apply a scarlet hue with a lip brush, then blot. Leave your eyes bare, let your lips speak for themselves.

The forever-sultry cat-eye effect gets a flirty new twist this season. To get this winged-out liner look, line your upper lashes with eyeliner then sweep it up and out slightly at the end of your lid. Finish with a swipe of subtle pink lip color.

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