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Herbal Decorations

Want to decorate a table in an original way? Why not use herbs. Fresh herbal arrangements are the perfect way to decorate a dinner table. Their fragrance awakens the senses, while their flowers and leaves provide colour and interest as well as instant garnishing material. For a simple dinner party, a spray of parsley, mint, marjoram or thyme by each place setting looks attractive and can be nibbled to freshen the palate between courses, to sharpen the appetite or to aid digestion.

You can either lay the herbs on the table or set them in pre-soaked florists’ foam. Selected for their colours and flavours depending on your theme, they can include mints, parsley, basils, fennel, and purple sage, curry plant, rosemary and lemon verbena, (which also makes an effective finger freshener after a seafood or fish dish). A fragrant garland made from wired posies of lavender and thymes can link the herbal cones and enclose a sumptuous candelabra centrepiece. The effect is stunning both visually and aromatically.

Photo by Nicole Michalou from Pexels

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