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    Must-Have Everyday Essentials: The Top 5 Items to Keep in Your Purse

    A purse is not just a fashion statement, but also an essential everyday tool that helps us stay organized, prepared and in control. From your phone and wallet to hand sanitizer and a face mask, these top 5 must-have items are crucial for any woman on the go. Keep these essentials in your purse and you'll never have to worry about being caught off guard again.

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    Tips for decorating a dorm room

    Moving into college can be an overwhelming experience from making friends to settling in by yourself. It is important to make the space you live in comfortable and unique to your style because it makes a huge difference in your mental health. However, it is important to use money and space saving techniques when decorating and personalizing your dorm room.  Dorm rooms usually come with the basic furniture items you need; a bed, desk, chair, closet, and sometimes even a fridge. Aside from furniture you will need to make practical purchases which include bed sheets and duvets, clothing hangers, lamps (if they do not come with the room), and some…

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    Motivation, Productivity, and all things Goals

    Recovering from the New Year’s parties, we come to the dreaded realization that we have to start fulfilling our resolutions and goals. The first two weeks are easy since you’re inspired and energized but when the third week hits and life goes back to normal we start to lose motivation. When it comes to setting goals it can get overwhelming pretty quickly. A lot of the time, you might not see results immediately and will get discouraged. Raise your hand if you’ve ever asked yourself these questions:  These are all questions I myself have wondered aloud and even gotten frustrated over. What I didn’t know then is that it takes…