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How to create a gallery wall

It was found that people living in a beautiful scenic space are indeed happier and that our space affects how we feel. Thankfully we can always turn to the internet for endless inspiration without having to afford a professional interior designer.

One way to improve our interiors and adding warmth to our homes is by giving special attention to our walls: Enter the Gallery wall. Having a gallery wall in a room is a simple way to decorate like a pro.

In this article we share a few tips to help you build your own gallery wall.

Choosing the right wall

Choosing a windowless wall, with the least furniture is the way to go. This allows your gallery to be the main focus. You can also create your gallery wall around your TV, if you have a small pace.

Mix sizes and shapes

The number one tip to follow is mixing frame sizes, shapes and colors. It’s not a good idea to have identical frame size lining the whole wall. The interest always comes from placing larger pieces surrounded by smaller pieces. A variety of affordable frame can be found at Ikea and thrift shopping can bring the unique vintage look to your wall.

Mix your DIY art with professional pieces

It is always a great idea to mix professional art, often reclaimed from thrift stores and estate sales, with your own DIY art if you have a knack for it. Your children’s art is most welcome as well; when put in a nice frame it can bring lightheartedness to the room.

Create contrast between the wall color and the art you choose

If your room is painted in a dark color go for light colored art and vice versa. Having this contrast between the art and the wall makes it more visual. I find that white, silver and gold frames compliment walls painted in shades of dark blue, aubergine or gray. On the other hand, colorful bright frames and art pieces do well on lightly colored walls.

Mix the type of art you hang on that wall

Take your gallery wall to the next level by mixing the type of art you hang. In addition to hanging paintings, you can also showcase a fabric, hang up a mirror, add plates, objects, jewelry or hang an animal head made out of wood or clay. All these options can add dimension to the whole set up.

Take you time to collect your items with love

And finally to achieve a successful gallery wall project, it is best to take your time to choose your art piece through your living experiences and finding items that you cherish and that speak to you. You can always start by a large piece added to the center on the wall and wait for those other items that will come along and grow around this centerpiece.

Photo by tom balabaud 

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